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Patient Testimonials


This is a belated review for our visit to Dr. RezaPour at his Encino office. My elderly mother had seen Dr. Rezapour’s weekly educational program on Persian satellite TV and wanted to consult with him reg her multiple eye problems. So after talking with the doctor on the phone, we took a plane from the Bay Area to LA to see him. He looked very knowledgeable on TV, but we saw firsthand that Dr. Rezapour was such a kind and caring person, and such a wonderful doctor! He listened very very patiently to all my mother’s complaints, explained her condition and his recommendations several times to make sure she understands it and overall was very kind and compassionate. I think our visit took way more than an hour and since she did not have an insurance, he gave her a huge discount on the fee for the visit. Other doctors would have charged multiple times this amount for this.


Dear Dr. Rezapour,


We want to express our deepest gratitude for all the wonderful work you did on my wife’s eyes. Before she saw you, Paula had many eye problems. Her vision was very poor. It was hard for her to drive. She couldn’t see well at night at all. She saw four different eye doctors but didn’t have complete faith or trust in their ability to really tackle her problem. Then she heard about you and at the first session saw how careful and good and caring you were. Because of that she stayed with you and continued treatment. Even though our home is in Orange County is far from your office in Los Angeles, we continued going to you because we knew how good you are. After several years, you recommended eye surgery for her, and because of the faith and trust she had in you she felt good about doing it. The first surgery was in her left eye, and it was extremely successful. Her vision improved immensely, and there was no pain. Two weeks later you did the other eye, with the same great result. We are so happy now. She can see so detail work, such as sewing. We don’t have to spend money on many expensive glasses like we did before, and Paula feels so free, not having to use glasses anymore. Dr. Rezapour, we want to thank you so much. We had no idea that surgery would be so successful. We appreciate you more than you can ever know. And we’re going to be grateful to you truly for the rest of our lives.


I can’t thank Dr. Rezapour enough for restoring my mother’s eyesight. Dr. Rezapour and his lovely staff make the experience as smooth and easy as possible. I know Dr. Rezapour for many years and I can say with confidence, that he is one of the most ethical, kind-hearted and intelligent people I’ve ever known. He is not only one of the best doctors in town, but a true human being. My mom could not receive better care anywhere else. Thank you Dr. Rezapour for all you do.


Dear Dr. John Rezapour,


I wanted to write you a little note to thank you from the bottom of my heart for a wonderful job with my procedure. I wish I had a new way to say thank you…a way that would really express how much your kindness and your knowledge has meant to me. You have a way of touching lives. My life is a prime example. I am finally free from glasses. I can see near and far, in bright and in dim light. What a great feeling!!! I can see again. Life is so much brighter. Your caring ways including your kindness and dedication made a huge difference in my daily life. It has always been a pleasure seeing you and your staff on my office visits. I have a great respect for you, not just as a great doctor, but as a genuine human being. Your knowledge and your guidance made my decision to go forward with this sensitive operation a lot easier. You will be highly recommended to all my friends and family for all their optometry needs. Keep up the good work and keep writing your gifted poetry.


Dear Dr. Rezapour,


I really appreciate for your job and I am feeling good because of the surgery I really appreciate it.


Doctor Rezapour, thank you so much for your magic hands, kindness, the surgery was so easy, and no pain at all. You are the best doctor I have ever met in my life. Thank you from my heart.


Dear Dr. Rezapour,


It was a pleasure to know you as a doctor as well as a person. I found you very charming and a very caring doctor. My surgery was comfortable and well organized, my experiment goes all to your staff especially to mahtab I will go through surgery any day again!!!


My best wishes to you,


I did my right eye on 03/25/2014 and on 04/08/2014 my left eye I am very please with the results I am going to recommend our two children to get their eyes done that’s how happy I am with my eyes.


Dr. Rezapour and his amazing staff gave me the best experience for my Lasik procedure. I truly thank them and would love to recommend all my friends to the greatest doctor Rezapour. I felt like they took care of me not as a patient but as a family member.


Loved the experience.


Dr. Rezapour,


You have been so wonderful and patient, you have given me freedom truly with my eyes, freedom is a true gift. Mahtab and other personal has been great too and caring. I love you; you are the best eye doctor I have ever had. I wish health, happiness always. I love you thank you so much.


Respected Doctor,


I am very much happy with the service I received from you and your office staff right from day one visit. I am very glad my sight of right eye is improved considerably after the surgery. I assure you of visiting you in future in case of all eye related problems. Last but not least request to please thank Dr. Aazami for referring me to you sir. Wishing you a long and successful career and long and healthy life.


I came to Dr. Rezapour a short time ago for regular eye check up. He was so wonderful to explain that I needed cataract surgery. I had the left eye done and it was such a great feeling to be able to see with out my glasses. Now I am schedule to have the right eye done and I am looking forward to see without glasses. Dr. Rezapour and his associates are very kind and caring about how you feel. I would recommend everyone I know to visit Dr. Rezapour.


Dear Dr. Rezapour


We are glad that my friend recommended you and today with your hard work and effort and correct diagnoses my father Bahram Irani has recovered his vision we thank you a lot and may god always bless you so that lot of people can get their vision like my father did.


Dear Dr. Rezapour,


The experience of coming to your office and receiving treatment has been very positive and straightforward. Your easy going and kind attitude and demeanor make the office visit very comfortable. I have had many questions and you have been able to answer all of them. I thank you so much for giving me the gift of vision without contacts or glasses. It is such a beautiful experience to be free to see on my own. I hope that you continue providing this gift to others in the future and making them happy like you did for me. Once again thank you for everything.


Dr. Rezapour,

You are truly a genius! You have changed my life forever! All of my life I’ve struggled with glasses, contacts, and infections and you’ve changed all of that for me. You and your staff have been so kind and professional and seeing the same staff after all of these years, shows what a great boss and doctor you are. I will forever be grateful for you and you will forever be the one that gave me my vision back! Thank you always and I pray for your continues success!


Thank You, Thank You


Dr. Rezapour, you are the best, you are very caring doctor, and you have saved my eyes!! And all I can say that you are an angel, The Best!!! God bless you and all your family. I am very happy to be one of your patients.




Dear Dr. Rezapour,


I cant thank you enough for bringing back my eyesight. I wouldn’t be able to see the beauty of sunlight, trees, flowers, sky and see, and the faces of my loved ones if it wasn’t for your care giving and caring efforts. So I wish you all the best and always will keep asking god to grant you all your hearts and desires and fill your life with his mercy.

The Best Medical Care

Doctor Rezapour is professional, experiences, knowledgeable, patient and gracious. I have never had a better medical experience than with Doctor Rezapour and his helpful and fantastic office team.

Wonderful Physician

He was probably one of the most compassionate, caring and skillful doctors I’ve come across. He is a rare find and I would recommend him to everyone!

Highly recommend this Doctor!!!

Dr. Rezapour is not only incredibly knowledgable, but he has the best bedside manners of a physician I have ever experienced. He gave me plenty of time and answered all my questions with outmost knowledge and patience. I highly recommend Dr. Rezapour as not only you can trust for the best care possible, but you feel like him and his staff are respectful and will take care of you the best way possible. I am referring my friends and family member to Dr. Rezapour.

Appriciation note

Dear Dr. Rezapour, You are an angle. You have saved my father eye sights. The sugery htat you have done on his eyes was a miracle. he had been visiting many Drs before, all of them refused to do surgery on him but you did performed a very successful surgery on his eyes. Now he can see perfectly, he can drive a car after 15 years of being almost blind. Dr rezapour My family and i appreciate your kindness, humanity and expertise.