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Premium Lens Implants

Finding the Lens
That’s Right for You

Cataract surgery involves replacing the eye’s blurred natural lens with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL). In the past, these implanted lenses could not adjust for varying distances. They could only correct common distance vision, so that patients still needed eyeglasses or contact lenses after the surgery, in order to see properly. This included people with presbyopia, a type of farsightedness caused by loss of elasticity in the eye lens, typically resulting from aging.

premium lens implant encinoMultifocal IOLs

The development of multifocal IOLs, which allow patients to see clearly at all distances and even adjust for astigmatism, has led to more choices with better outcomes. These premium lens implants even perform well in patients with presbyopia. Though your reading and distance vision will be greatly enhanced with mutifocal IOLs, in certain instances intermediate vision quality does not improve quite as dramatically. Lingering symptoms such as glaring and halos usually subside over time, however.

Here at Advanced Eye Surgery Clinic, we help each patient to select the premium lens implant that works best for their situation. Our goal is to ensure that you will enjoy excellent vision at any or all distances for years to come. Some of your choices may include:


Crystalens™ cataract replacement lenses work in conjunction with the eye muscles to naturally shift focus between near and distant objects. Known as an “accommodating” lens, it is the first of its kind to be FDA approved and is effective in improving vision related to both cataract surgery and presbyopia.


Another popular innovation is the AcrySof® IQ ReSTOR® intraocular lens from Alcon Company. This popular lens has demonstrated its ability to provide a full range of functional vision for cataract patients wishing to function without glasses or contacts.

Toric IOLs

For those with astigmatism, Toric IOLs provide an excellent solution. These lenses are specially designed to correct astigmatism, as well as overall vision, with cataract surgery. Before the development of Toric lenses, astigmatic individuals would need to either have corneal refractive surgery once their lenses were implanted or continue to use contact lenses or glasses.

The latest Toric lens technology was developed to adjust for the cornea’s irregular curvature in astigmatic patients. Several different types of Toric IOLs are available, including AcrySof® Toric Lenses, designed to correct up to 5 diopters of astigmatism. Here at Advanced Eye Surgery Clinic, we can help you find an artificial lens that is the perfect solution for your active life after cataract surgery.

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